When I was in The UK a couple months ago I noticed something that jarred me enough to become a vivid picture in my head.
At Edinburgh Train station mostly, there were so many homeless people with dogs. Point being, I couldn’t help but notice the homeless people. In Paris, they were tucked away and sometimes bathing in the daylight under the Eiffel tower but nonetheless, there they were all tattered with dog in toe.
It was disheartening to see. It made me wish there was something I could do but I know any help from me was like a band-aid of a gunshot wound. The help would be useful for but only a moments time and then reality of the depth of the problem would be pouring out all over the streets again.
The civility that is lacking enough in an educated society that people and their dogs should live at the feet and outside the buildings of the rest of us will always remain something that brings me a great deal of sadness.
For each person who ended up there has a story from childhood to adulthood that brought them there but no one ever had the courage or desire to ask them. I’ll admit I knew my efforts would be pointless because my journey through the UK and Europe was so fleeting.
I intend to go back. I also intend to take my time and pay attention to the details. Learn the languages better. And explore.
The only way I know I could help those people would be to try to enter Parliament or the EU by way of ambassador of the U.S. which is highly unlikely to happen but I will see what that avenue requires.
The things I can do now is just build awareness and gather a audience of caring people to become the think tank I alone could not be.