I’ve come to know this place so well. I’ve learned every change in the weather, every road and where it goes, all the quickest ways, the nicest ways, the quiet places that no one knows about. I’ve made a home of this house for the first time ever in my life. My parents house is home for all of us. Its a place that we all can dig roots into the experiences of holidays and family members now gone.

My point in bringing this up is as the world wraps its cold, unforgiving grip around me, as I pursue my career to the point of having bloody knuckles and knees, as I try with every waking breath to find my place in this world, I will always have Pine Rd. to come home to.

I want this house to be part of my family until I an no longer here. If I can help it the roots my family dig into this place will be so strong, no one will want to leave knowing full well that the essence of their entire background lines the walls and there spirits drift the hallways.

Being sentimental and loyal is so underrated these days. I’m bringing it back into my life.
I’m slowly but surely become less and less concerned with what things look like or how they are perceived and shifting my focus to a bright future regardless of what the rest of the world is doing.

After all, the world is what we make of it. :)

Its gorgeous today and I have off so I’m going out and playing.