You’re doing it wrong if no one hates you. I’ve read enough biographies of famous people to know that growth is a bumpy road. It will always have people on it trying to trip you up and make you fall. In some cases they are even out for blood.

I have one more thing to add to that. Women suck. Women are more evil and vicious than men. If you get enough women together in a group, they are a force to be reckon with. Maybe not physically but they do know how to strike at the core of anyone that may cross them.

Bullying is frequent in school room and most people hope that when college roles around this kind of behavior would subside but it only become more cunning and more frequently under the breaths of the stone throwers.

Just know, if girls gang up on you and you are a girl, if they say they hate you or talk shit on you more frequently than they tend to their own lives, they have no power. Most likely, you are a threat to them, you have something they want to kill or delete. Don’t let them.

"Get them in the cross hairs and take them down." -Bill Murray